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China Day 1& 2

China is like VietNam in all senses, except for the fact that I can’t read or communicate to anyone in the city.  Plain and simple.

I landed in the afternoon, after a brief rainfall, so the air seems a little fresher, humidity doesn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I think my skin is much better in this humid condition.  After an hour ride into the city and some problems with housing,  I am situated and found a permanent “home” for the next 7 weeks.  Formal “work” doesn’t start until Monday, so I have a few days to get myself acquainted and familiarized.

So far, I have only one meal in Shanghai, not counting the cup noodles I bought at the close by convenient store near by my place.  I can’t understand anything and the Chinese characters do not help a bit.  I haven’t had the courage to eat the street food yet, but I did see some yummy Chinese pancakes, gio chao quay, and something with eggs and noodles … I live right outside of the Shanghai’s East Normal University, another university neighborhood.

As of right now, EVERYTHING is blocked!  Facebook cannot be accessed at all.  Gmail is unstable, there are days I can log in ( like today), and then there are days I can’t even locate the page.  I can’t locate Google.com, so I have resorted to using Bing.com which is no use because I can’t even access half the pages I look up.  However, on a good note, I can access Skype and wordpress to which I have asked my sister to post on facebook so I can at least contact friends and family.

There are times at night when I wake up and pinch myself to see if I am in a dream or reality.

Schedule for today: taking the subway to Carrefour ( the Walmart of China) to buy snacks and have a decent lunch.  Walk around the neighborhood to explore some places around here … KFC is a good thing, Pizaahut is a good thing …

Emotions divided and split.  But I am happy with my decision still.


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