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Japanese BBQ

It is the second time we’ve met for dinner after a 6 months hiatus, and we had Japanese BBQ again.  Not as awkward as the first time, but there’s definitely a lot to catch up to.  He eats more meat than I can remember, just as picky as usual, especially with his salad, but who knows he eats so much yogurt nowadays.  On top of that, it’s a combination of taro, vanilla, plain, and coconut, how interestingly adventurous.  Oh yes, I miss that.  I definitely miss all that about him.  He is, after all, my best friend.

It feels like I am crushing on him.  The way his eyes glistens in the light.  And yes, it was definitely green today.  I love the way he hugs, the way he kisses goodbye, the way we used to be … I just really miss him.




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